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tow truck Charlottesville VirginiaCharlottesville Tow Truck is the home to the best 24-hour towing service and emergency roadside assistance in Virginia. We provide services with unparalleled convenience for the drivers in our area, coupling great towing options with helpful roadside assistance that is sure to meet the needs of any circumstance. Our company is operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week, which means we are always ready to serve your needs at any time and any date. Charlottesville Tow Truck provides a wide variety of towing services that will fit the needs of any driver. Options include light-duty towing, medium-duty towing, heavy-duty towing, motorcycle towing, specialized towing, and long-haul regional towing service. We offer an extensive menu of towing choices so you can pick what is best for you. Roadside assistance is another hallmark of Charlottesville Tow Truck. We have 24-hour emergency roadside assistance that is guaranteed to bring you the support you require in your time of need. Charlottesville Tow Truck’s roadside assistance includes fuel delivery service, jump start service, tire change assistance, lockout service, and plenty more. We have maintained competitive pricing for our roadside assistance and towing services so customers never have to worry. Unlike other companies, we put customer safety as our number one priority. Payment is also a breeze at Charlottesville Tow Truck, we accept all major credit cards in addition to conventional payment methods. Don’t worry and don’t wait, contact Charlottesville Tow Truck in your time of need!

Towing Service


towing company Charlottesville VirginiaTowing service is a huge part of what we do at Charlottesville Tow Truck. We have a wide variety of services that includes light-duty towing, medium-duty towing, heavy-duty towing, specialized towing, long-haul towing, and motorcycle towing. For years we have been customers’ first choice for towing due to our 24/7 availability, premium service, and competitive pricing. Our flatbed trucks make sure there is no unnecessary wear and tear on your vehicle as well as increasing safety during towing transport. Call us now to learn more about our services or if you are in need of emergency towing, we are standing by 24 hours a day and always ready to help.

Heavy-Duty Towing Service

Searching out a tow truck company is easy, but finding trustworthy heavy-duty towing is slim pickings. With Charlottesville Tow Truck you can look no further. We have the best heavy-duty towing in the area and have been helping customers tow their large pickup trucks and SUVs for over a decade. Our heavy-duty towing is backed by our safety guarantee that your vehicle will arrive at the end location no worse for wear. Contact our team now to receive the heavy-duty towing service that you deserve.

Specialized Towing Servicetow truck in Charlottesville Virginia

Specialized towing service is unique to Charlottesville Tow Truck. We offer you the ability to tow or transport anything that fits on our tow trucks. That includes palletized materials, prefab pieces of machinery, and medium-duty equipment. It doesn’t stop there, specialized towing is also useful for towing classic cars, luxury vehicles, or valuable antiques. We take a case-by-case approach to towing and provide each customer with a personalized quote. Contact us today to find out more about our versatile specialized towing service, and receive a personalized quote.

Long-Distance Towing Service

If you need to move across the region or just heading south for the winter, Charlottesville Tow Truck has your back. We have long-distance towing service that picks up your vehicle and delivers it where you need it. With long-distance towing, we give you the flexibility to travel where you need to be and have the confidence that your car will be there when you arrive.

Roadside Assistance


roadside assistance Charlottesville VirginiaWith Charlottesville Tow Truck you are not limited to just towing service. We also have comprehensive roadside assistance. With Charlottesville Tow Truck’s roadside assistance you can be assured that we will always have exactly what you need when you need it. Roadside assistance is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which makes it ideal for emergency scenarios. Some of our most popular assistance options are, tire change service, fuel delivery service, lockout service, and jump start service. When you are unsure what’s wrong with your car, our well-trained technicians have been known to solve some of your automotive issues on the spot saving you time and money at a mechanic. When you need roadside assistance Charlottesville Tow Truck is the only company to call.

Lockout Serviceroadside assistance Charlottesville

Imagine, you are at a gas station and you accidentally lock your keys inside your vehicle, what do you do next? Well, the answer is easy. Call Charlottesville Tow Truck for our lockout service. We provide lockout service that comes to you fast! Along with our speedy arrival, our service experts have the right tools for the job. We guarantee to open your car door without causing any damage to the exterior or interior lock. Stop waiting around for the slow expensive locksmith and let Charlottesville Tow Truck get the keys back in your hands.

Tire Change Service

Flat tires happen all too often and can never be predicted. For any time your tire goes flat Charlottesville Tow Truck is here to help. We have professional tire change service that will ensure your spare tire is put on correctly and securely. The small tire change kits that come with your vehicle can make changing your tire a time-consuming safety hazard, but with Charlottesville Tow Truck all you need to do is relax as our experts get to work. Call us now for our affordable tire change service, you won’t regret it.

roadside assistance in Charlottesville VAJump Start Service

Did you leave your car’s lights on, or is your battery just getting a bit long in the tooth? Well if your car battery unfortunately dies, Charlottesville Tow Truck is ready to help. We offer jump start service that provides the power your vehicles need to get going. Our trucks are equipped with heavy-duty jumper cables and jump boxes that offer enough cold crank amperage for passenger cars and small commercial vehicles. Don’t fret over a dead battery, just call Charlottesville Tow Truck. We will get your busy day back on track.

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